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You need secure analysis to optimize your information system: take advantage of a free IT audit service based on the analysis of your network, made by experts of the IT audit for business networks ip with the delivery of a detailed and commented report.

The intervention of an SME IT audit expert on your site (IT audit offered for all our contracts)

One of our engineers intervenes on your site and installs specialized tools, for the audit of computer park, on your computer network and according to your needs: descriptive, analysis, synthesis, recommendation, risk, architecture (material aspect, systems of exploitations , packages, viruses, messaging, shared devices, licenses, users facing their computer tool, internet connection, networks), study of a particular flow, resizing your network by adding new remote sites or scaling up links, analysis of possible disrupters (download, virus, peer-to-peer), etc ...

In addition, BJFT CONSULTING also offers a computer network audit targeted at a particular problem. Here are some examples:

  • Audit of Wi-Fi Computer Park (signal quality depending on location, disturbances, conflicts, Wi-Fi security, compliance with legislation ...).
  • IT network audit and security (firewall rules, access rights to your directories and applications, security breaches, leakage or loss of data ...)
  • IT audit for SME messaging exchange (problems of performance, transmission, loss of messages, reliability, analysis of backups ...)
  • Audit of the Mac computer network (file problems, access to mac or Windows servers, application problems, workflow optimizations ...)

A complete service Curves, tables resulting from the analysis, are given to you in a complete report following the service as well as recommendations for the optimization of your system. The IT audit report is commented by our consultant on your premises.


Our job is not only to do IT outsourcing, administration, server monitoring, network monitoring, supervision, computer maintenance, IT troubleshooting, but also to study infrastructure via fleet audit IT, whether these are local or multi-site, whether they are located in a department, a region or in several countries, by bringing our expertise and our knowledge. We allow our customers to make real savings.


BJFT CONSULTING relies on its global knowledge of business tools, both at the system, hardware, infrastructure (data and voice) and communication (security, Web) levels to qualify the needs of a global system, identify clusters optimization and reduction of functional or management costs through IT audit.


A specification aims to exhaustively define the basic specifications of a product or service to be produced. In addition to the basic specifications, it describes its execution methods. It also defines the objectives to be achieved and aims to properly frame a mission, this is the role of the IT fleet audit.

Internally, the specifications are used to formalize the needs and explain them to the various players to ensure that everyone agrees. It is then used to select the service provider and to organize the relationship throughout the project.

It is considered as a contractual reference shared by the service provider and the internal team, which makes it a fundamental communication tool for the project manager.


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