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Server consolidation - PRA - PCA

Ensure the protection of your computer data by consolidating your servers and PRA and PCA plans.

The efficiency gains achieved through virtualization provide small businesses with savings that only large accounts were previously entitled to. To date, your servers may be running at 10% or 15% of their capacity. We are able to increase this usage rate to 80%, to guarantee savings without sacrificing the essential performance of your applications.
Virtualization first of all reduces your overall IT costs but also increases the efficiency and availability of your resources and applications.

If you want to implement a data availability strategy based on a Disaster Recovery Plan (PRA) or a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

They don't let the proliferation of servers and platform dependencies keep your business from achieving its goals. Take control of your IT infrastructure with server consolidation.

Reduce your capital and operating costs while improving the delivery of IT services without being enslaved by a limited choice of operating systems, applications and hardware.


  1. Make more profit from existing resources: group common resources by leaving the “one application = one server” scheme thanks to the consolidation of servers.
  2. Reduce the costs generated by your servers by minimizing your physical infrastructure and improving your server / admin reports. : the servers and associated hardware are in small numbers. This results in a reduction in property costs and the need for food and ventilation.
  3. Increase the availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity: backup and migrate entire virtual environments without interruption in service. Avoid planned interruptions and find the solution to unforeseen problems immediately.


We carry out an analytical assessment of what exists in the context of the virtualization project in order to fully understand the activity profiles of your servers and applications, peaks and troughs in consumption and your activity trends.
We also analyze the criticality of your applications via usage statistics and individual interviews with different business profiles.

After analyzing the information collected during the inventory, we make a diagnosis and define all the elements necessary for the implementation of your virtualization project:

  • Performance and availability indices
  • Server architecture
  • Virtualization solutions
  • Backup and archive your data
  • Characteristics of the PRA or PCA

After joint validation of your virtualization project, we proceed to pre-deployment tests, such as application, availability and recovery tests.


Economic benefits

Lower IT costs

  • Limit loss of income due to service interruptions
  • Reduction of material investments
  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Optimization of the administration

Functional benefits

  • Ease of recovery after an IT disaster
  • Simplified quality control (half-yearly and annual test to validate proper operation)
  • Thanks to our virtualization solution you will be able to run several virtual machines on one physical machine. This will increase the efficiency and availability of your resources and your applications.
  • Better use of material resources by pooling common resources
  • Operational flexibility thanks to dynamic management of your resources


You have a project consolidation of your servers, (PRA), (PCA) or questions around these solutions, then contact us.

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