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Open Source Document Management (EDM) by BJFT CONSULTING

BJFT CONSULTING's document management solution is based on BJFT Platform and benefits from its robustness and flexibility.

By managing and tracking the flow of content throughout their business lifecycle, BJFT GED provides a solution to the problems of content duplication, lack of version tracking, inefficient searches, and access and security issues with documents. Why? Simply because document management is not about storing documents on a file server, but about managing the interaction between your business and your content. Find out why our customers tell us that BJFT GED is the best solution for their document and content management projects.


Using content is not just about sharing files. It's also about aligning your content models with your business processes. Thanks to the flexibility of its content model, BJT GED makes it possible to define document types ranging from a simple file to a composite, complex and multi-file document. With BJFT GED, you can:

  • Create and display your documents in physical and virtual folders, with different presentations
  • Describe how documents relate to each other through structured relationships relations structurées
  • Apply internal or external compliance policies using content automation rules règles d’automatisation de contenu
  • Unified acquisition of contents of different formats, such as scanned images, emails, office documents, CAD files, etc.
  • Use integrated metadata standards like Dublin Core, or implement your own metadata
  • Define and apply a lifecycle for each document type to follow your business processes

A library of basic and advanced content management services, such as full text search, archiving, and backup, ensures that your content management strategy can grow along with your business needs.


BJFT GED combines collaborative work processes and document management. The days of integrating and maintaining different tools for core business activities like collaborative content management are over.

BJFT Document Management System

With its collaborative workspaces, a BJFT GED offers a secure environment in which a group of identified users can exchange information. The key features of this collaborative work are:

  • Versioning to track changes to documents made by different members of the group
  • Creating and retrieving versions (check-in / check-out) easily and with a locking mechanism
  • History and versioning rules configurable to track changes in content and changes
  • Task management and workflows to help you organize and prioritize the flow of information
  • Document annotation, to facilitate revisions and share comments with their context
  • Email notifications and RSS feeds
  • Personal dashboards that can be customized using Open Social "gadgets"

Mobile collaboration is also available for employees who need to be productive on their smart phone or tablet instead of their computer. A notification received on the move? Click and the document appears in a mobile-friendly user interface


BJFTGRD Document Management
BJFTGED's architecture also integrates seamlessly with the most popular IT infrastructures, including support:

  • Most used database systems, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL
  • Complex enterprise authentication schemes with a pluggable authentication system and connections for LDAP and Active Directory servers.
  • A wide range of operating systems from Linux (including RedHat, Ubuntu, SuSE) to Windows and Solaris
  • Virtualization on VMWare, RedHat Enterprise Virtualization, Xen or Oracle VirtualBox. An instance of virtualized ACIGED is available for download, for VMWare or VirtualBox.
  • Target Java application servers for deployment: JBoss and Tomcat. System administrators and production teams appreciate the simplicity of installations and updates.

BJFTGED technology is designed by developers for developers. The BJFTGED platform is fully designed and built on a modular architecture, taking advantage of OSGi and a powerful extension point model. Deployment capabilities are one of the strengths of the platform, delivering new features and updates to each customer in a coordinated and controlled manner. The installation of BJFTGED only takes a few minutes, shows in hand!


An effective content management system must be easy to use.

Faceted Search in Open Source Document Management by BJFT Consulting

The user experience on BJFTGED includes:

  • A clear and intuitive user interface in their usual browser
  • Navigating the intuitive document base with a faceted navigation system and full text search

For advanced users, integration with major office tools such as Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer can display and interact with BJFT CONSULTING content through a standard Microsoft SharePoint configuration.


A content management system that adapts to the corporate culture is adopted more quickly and easily by users. BJFTGED has been designed around a flexible, scalable architecture with unlimited customization capabilities.

 It allows you to:

  • create content types and forms using a large set of graphic widgets
  • configure content lists to tailor the way documents are presented
  • Define business rules and associated actions (buttons or events)
  • configure permissions specific to your job
  • Visually model the lifecycle of your documents
  • Define virtual navigation in your folders based on a flexible metadata template
  • Deploy and test your configuration in one click with the BJFT consulting integrated Admin Center.


BJFTGED provides a cloud-hosted infrastructure and even allows for cloud deployments and on-premise deployments. For example, a BJFTGED deployment can be quickly implemented in the cloud and then hosted on site.

BJFTGED Connect for Document Management


Since its inception, BJFT CONSULTING (outsourcing company) has adopted an open source development model for simple reasons: this model allows for the realization of the best software, to have rapid innovations and communities of developers and users more strong.

BJFT CONSULTING strives to deliver value and innovation to users and developers who need to deploy content and document management applications. Choosing a system that is used by a large community guarantees our customers that they have real user feedback, performance testing, rapid innovation, compatibility with previous versions and protection of their investment in customizations.

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