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Virtualization dramatically increases the efficiency and availability of resources and applications within your company.

Under the archaic "one server, one application" model, internal resources are underutilized and IT administrators, instead of focusing on innovative projects, spend far too much time managing the server pool.

BJFT CONSULTING, which is based on a VMware virtualization platform, allows you to adapt to changing market conditions faster and more efficiently than before. BJFT CONSULTING brings the resources, applications and even the servers you need when you need them and where you need them.

Generally, BJFT CONSULTING customers reduce their overall IT costs by 50 to 70% by consolidating their resource pools and distributing highly available machines.


With its SAN storage arrays attached to its pools of virtual machines, BJFT CONSULTING allows you to adapt your storage to the needs of your business.

At any time and in a few minutes you increase your storage capacity without worrying about your physical infrastructure.


  • Make more profit from existing resources
  • Reduce the costs generated by the Datacenter
  • Increase the availability of hardware and applications
  • Gain operational flexibility
  • Improve the manageability and security of workstations


BJFT CONSULTING has unique characteristics on the market:

  1. Supervision of your equipment hosted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Hosting on demand of virtual machines.
  3. Sharing of hardware resources between virtual machines.
  4. Increase the performance of your virtual machine on demand.
  5. Renting a virtual machine from one month.
  6. Hosting of many OSes.
  7. Hosted machines are systematically backed up (OS).
  8. Integration of virtual machines in BJFT CONSULTING Backup System for data at a reduced price
  9. All-in-one subscription service.

 BJFT CONSULTING offers a computer storage and professional hosting solution adapted to your business.

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