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The IT maintenance package of BJFT CONSULTING

While companies all have a computer system, they rarely have staff dedicated to its operation. In order to make their task easier, BJFT CONSULTING, a company specializing in computer maintenance for SMEs, SMIs and the liberal professions, offers a computer maintenance package. BJFT CONSULTING's SME IT assistance experts work in Paris and the Ile de France. After carrying out an IT park audit, they will provide IT advice and assistance. SMEs and SMIs can count on them in the event of a problem or interruption. The IT maintenance package also includes the daily monitoring of your IT infrastructure, the security of your network, remote monitoring and the backup of your data.

The Benefits of Outsourcing SME IT Support

Outsourcing SME IT assistance as well as SME IT maintenance allows you to have a service provided by professionals who are entirely dedicated to your IT infrastructure. The company then benefits from greater flexibility and becomes much more competitive. With the IT maintenance package comprising several options, the company, guided by the advice of BJFT CONSULTING experts, chooses the offer that best meets its needs and objectives. BJFT CONSULTING offers a monthly fixed price. The price is designed for unlimited access to all of the services.

Daily monitoring of your IT infrastructure

As part of IT maintenance, knowing and monitoring your equipment in real time is essential. If a new employee enters your company, a technician will be able to assist you in order to correctly connect his machine to the network, create his user account and give him the necessary rights in order to access the data concerning him. When deploying or updating software on all workstations, it is not uncommon to encounter some difficulties. Once again, an expert can intervene so that everything goes well. IT maintenance or IT support often consists of many small interventions necessary to help staff who are not always fully familiar with the IT tool and the specifics of the corporate network. For all these reasons, remote computer assistance is possible with taking control of the computers directly in order to immediately resolve any problems that may be encountered.

Security, remote monitoring and data backup

Data backup is an essential aspect of IT support and maintenance services. By backing up your data daily, you can recover it at any time. In the field of computer maintenance, remote monitoring is also very related to data backup, because it allows you to alert in the event that the computer system no longer works. It is therefore possible to intervene quickly in order to restore the system. Depending on the failure, IT support can be done in two ways. The first is to work remotely and all the more so when the problem affects the software aspect of the system. The second type of IT maintenance concerns on-site interventions which relate more to hardware troubleshooting for which the presence of a qualified technician is essential.

A single point of contact to meet all of your needs

Sometimes it’s difficult to know who to turn to when you need IT support. Indeed, it is not uncommon to have several interlocutors as is the case of the network specialist or the person responsible Installing and deploying company-specific software. In order to simplify your IT, but also to reduce the price of IT maintenance, BJFT CONSULTING will provide a single contact responsible for answering all your problems. This dedicated specialist will be able to intervene in the context of the deployment of new software on your workstations or even as a consultant to help you extend your information system. While some companies, for reasons related to the cost of IT maintenance, decide to manage internally, outsourcing allows them to gain professionalism while avoiding often unnecessary expenses for companies whose needs remain modest.

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