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Server Replication

BJFT CONSULTING, in partnership with IBM, is launching the first asynchronous data replication service at byte level in real time for PME / PMI. Independent of hardware and applications, this computer replication service offers the possibility of switching to a backup server in just a few seconds.

The various features of server replication are fully configurable. Intelligent compression and bandwidth management for remote networks, for example, make it possible to realize all your scenarios in terms of high availability and / or disaster recovery.


With BJFT CONSULTING Server, you benefit from a server replication service with many advantages:

  1. Rapid implementation in the production environment.
  2. Assurance of data consistency on the target system.
  3. Support for encrypted and compressed files.
  4. Control of the data to be replicated: volume, directory or file.
  5. Possibility of online restoration, without unavailability during the failback process.
  6. Efficient process saving resources.
  7. Automatic or manual switching.
  8. Snapshots to protect against data corruption.
  9. Numerous feedback and scripting possibilities.


The same application is installed on the source server and the target server. Only the useful data is replicated. These are encrypted, compressed and transferred via the internet to our two secure storage centers located in Paris. The entire computer replication process is automatic and therefore requires no human intervention.

All existing information is replicated and is present on the standby servers, allowing you to access it directly from your local network or other remote sites.

If the source server fails, server replication will fail over, manually or automatically, and the corresponding application will be launched (or, in the case of a file server, folder sharing will be enabled).

Depending on the computer replication application chosen, a target server can also secure several source servers.


This server replication solution is intended for businesses to enable them to secure their digital productions.

How much are the costs of operating loss in the event of damage to components or servers? The calculation is simple: the company's turnover divided by the number of working days in the year.

This server replication service is today one of the only solutions, for the cost of a monthly plan, to allow companies to eliminate the risks linked to equipment, whether homogeneous or heterogeneous, with:

  • Physical machines and virtual machines
  • Windows 2000 server, Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server
  • Mac from Mac OS X
  • Linux

The peace of mind solution for your business.

The peace of mind solution for your business.

The peace of mind solution for your business.

From troubleshooting to maintenance, including computer replication, at BJFT CONSULTING, we support you throughout your projects.

You have a server replication project or questions around a computer maintenance solution, then contact us

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