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Virtualization consists of running several virtual machines on a single physical machine. It allows you to save and rationalize your IT equipment: reduce IT expenses while increasing the efficiency of your system...

Virtualization is economical, flexible and has high availability:

  • Optimized use of your IT resources: Server consolidation and infrastructure optimization
  • Reduction of physical infrastructure costs
  • Increased flexibility and operational efficiency
  • Improved team productivity: Increased availability of applications and improved business continuity
  • Improved management and security of workstations
Powerful virtualization:
  • Citrix Xen virtualization
  • Novell PlateSpin Virtualization
  • VMware virtualization
  • Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization

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VMware is today the leader with one of the most reliable virtualization platforms on the market

BJFT CONSULTING teams propose to you to develop your traditional IT system in Cloud Computing or cloud computing system. Virtualize your servers, workstations and even your applications. Increase reliability, efficiency, and lower your costs.

The main VMware virtualization solutions:

  • Vmware v-Sphere: Lay the foundations of the private cloud with datacenter virtualization, optimize your IT services, while increasing reliability and reducing investment costs.
  • VMware View: Go beyond the traditional management mode for workstations. Transform workstation management into an efficient, automated process while cutting your total cost of ownership in half.
  • VMware ThinApp: Application virtualization tool. Accelerate application deployment and migration.
  • VMware vShield: The vShield range offers security tools protecting each part of your virtual datacenter.

The strengths of Vmware virtualization solutions:

  • Vmware is the market leader in server and desktop virtualization.
  • Offer customers the possibility of a perfectly compatible Public and Private Cloud. 
  • VMware allows its customers to easily upgrade their applications to a Cloud Computing system.
  • VMware offers its customers the choice between several suppliers.  

The Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V solution was directly integrated into the Windows Server 2008 operating system. These two technologies will allow you to quickly and easily realize your virtualization projects which will generate significant and rapid savings.

The Hyper-V range of solutions will allow you to facilitate the administration of virtualized systems via PowerShell and System Center products.

The strong points of virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V:

  • With almost 90% of tasks running on Windows today, Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V constitutes a platform already familiar to IT administrators.
  • Microsoft offers an integrated solution that administers both physical and virtual systems.
  • The Hyper-V virtualization tool has many features.

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