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BJFT CONSULTING, your IT security company

In three years, BJFT CONSULTING, an IT auditing company, has acquired tools, but also and above all the skills of engineers and experts known and recognized in the expertise of systems and IT security.
In a large majority, in the enterprise, IT security or more precisely the security of IT infrastructures is still for the most part the last concern of French companies, whereas it should be one of the main concerns in all IT architectures or infrastructures. Networks.
Today, a large number of articles and treaties on computer security regularly inform us of acts of intrusion or destruction in corporate networks.
We are even talking about companies which, due to lack of vigilance or having not called on an IT security company, are sometimes visited by their competitors, and, even worse, by experienced users capable of exploiting the slightest security vulnerabilities .
What are the consequences of having all of their data erased by a little joker who becomes aware of the economic challenges for the company?
How to react in such a situation, and especially how to get over it?
According to a report by the CLUSIF (French Information Security Club), 80% of companies that have suffered serious computer damage disappear within two years.


The IT security company offers protection and security for your IT infrastructure.


BJFT CONSULTING, your IT and security audit company, will ensure the protection and security of your IT infrastructure.


The protection and security of your IT infrastructure is taken care of by your IT security company BJFT CONSULTING.


By using our IT security company, you will not be alone in the event of a problem. We take care of the protection and security of your IT infrastructure.


In the event of an incident on your IT system, the experts from our IT audit company will set up a disaster recovery plan and ensure the protection and security of your IT infrastructure.

BJFT CONSULTING, IT Security Company for VSEs, SMEs and communities, offers various services such as audits, Appliance, training, advice in Canada and Cameroon. LUTIONS & SERVICES

Sale of computer equipment

BJFT CONSULTING provides its customers with all kinds of IT consumables at the lowest cost and good compliance with the shortest deadlines on the current market. As partners,


Server virtualization, server virtualization service, server consolidation, vmware, vsphere, infrastructure optimization Virtualization consists of running several virtual machines on a single physical machine.

IT outsourcing for SMEs

Devote yourself fully to your activity with complete peace of mind thanks to IT outsourcing for SMEs, which we put at your disposal. IT outsourcing: the IT solution for SMEs Devote yourself fully to your activity with complete peace of mind thanks to IT outsourcing that we make available to your VSE / SME. We offer an IT outsourcing and

Server Replication

BJFT CONSULTING, in partnership with IBM, is launching the first asynchronous data replication service at byte level in real time for PME / PMI. Independent of hardware and applications, this computer replication service offers the possibility of switching to a backup server in just a few seconds. The various features of server replication

IT preventive maintenance

We ensure the sustainability of your IT systems through preventive maintenIT preventive maintenance aims to maintain or restore equipment so that they are able to provide their services.

Server consolidation - PRA - PCA

Ensure the protection of your computer data by consolidating your servers and PRA and PCA plans. The efficiency gains achieved through virtualization provide small businesses with savings that only large accounts were previously entitled to.

Assistance for project management

For many years, BJFT CONSULTING teams have read and reread tenders from all types of structure.

Telecommunications: Installation Of Pylons

BJFT CONSULTING provide engineering and construction services for radio access networks, fixed line networks, microwave installations, cable landing stations, and switches.


The IT maintenance package of BJFT CONSULTING While companies all have a computer system, they rarely have staff dedicated to its operation. In order to make their task easier, BJFT CONSULTING, a company specializing in computer maintenance for SMEs, SMIs and the liberal professions, offers a computer maintenance package. BJFT CONSULTING's SME IT assistance experts